The Rolling Stones - Little by Little (1964)

Ramones - Let’s Dance (Live, London 1985)

  • RIP Joey


The Gun Club “Carry Home”

Pere Ubu - Laughing - The Modern Dance (1978)

When the devil comes we’ll shoot him with a gun

The Stooges - No Fun - The Stooges (1969)

  • RIP Scott Asheton

Rolling Stones - Poison Ivy (1963)

Ramones - Boyfriend (I Wanna Be Your) - Demo, 1975

  • better than the album version imho

Pere Ubu - Non-Alignment Pact - The Modern Dance (1978)


Wayne County & the Backstreet Boys - Queenage Baby - At the Trucks! (1974)


The Agenda “Shake! Shake! Scream!”

i made a bandcamp a while back where you can download my band’s entire discography for free. if you like really really dumb garage rock then this might be for you.

The Vaselines - Monsterpussy (Remix) (1989)

  • I’m gonna skin it and wear it as a haaaat 


Ramones “I’m Not An Answer” (Demo)

Giorgio Moroder - Too Hot To Handle - From Here To Eternity (1977)

  • Daft Punk learnt all their tricks from this guy.

Gang of Four - I Found That Essence Rare - Entertainment!

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